A ❤️ Letter To Our Users

Dear User,

We love the way you hold onto your receipts after dining out, to make sure they charged you the right tip. Some call it crazy. We say to those fools: better crazy than overcharged.

And we love that you’re too sharp to switch your bills to auto-pay. After all, when’s the last time anybody’s cable company reached out to let them know they’d made a billing mistake?

We love how, like us, you carefully review your grocery receipts when you get home from the store. The gallon of milk they forgot to bag will never go unnoticed under your eagle eye.

Most of all, we love that you so sensibly hold onto all of your receipts, bills and other important documents. While others may look at our filing cabinet and cry “hoarder!” they don’t understand what it means to be financially in control the way you are, dear user.

When we are together, you can be exactly who you truly are. Not crazy. Not obsessive. Cool, calm and in control of your finances. Simply wise.

Forever yours,

The SimplyWise Team
Letters From Our Users
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I used to stuff all my old receipts in shoeboxes or random drawers and have to go through them at the end of the month. My son downloaded this for me. It is seriously the best!
grannyj1122, Apple App Store
This is simply the best receipt and document scanner I have used thus far. AWESOME!!... Easily organize any and all documents. I can't give this app enough praise.
Derrick, Google Play Store
I resisted using my phone for receipts for so long because I thought it’d be too hard but this has made it so easy to keep things in one place and decrease random scraps of paper.
Maryp630, Apple App Store
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