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How does SimplyWise work?

What are the different features of SimplyWise?

Where are my documents stored?

How to Search in SimplyWise

What is the To Be Saved section?

How do I categorize an “uncategorized” item?

How can I import a PDF to my SimplyWise account?

What if I don’t have a physical receipt?

Can I use SimplyWise on my computer?

Saving long receipts

How to refresh your SimplyWise app

How do I change the document type on my SimplyWise upload?

How do I print my receipts or reports?

Account Settings Changes

How do I update my SimplyWise subscription?

How do I change my phone number?

How do I reset my password?

How to Update Your Saved Cards

How do I delete my account?

SimplyWise Account Setup

How do I add/delete a folder in SimplyWise?

How do I edit a folder?

Can I create subfolders/folder groups?

How to create Rules in SimplyWise

How to Create New Spaces

How to Edit Space Names

How can I record the payment type?

How do I add a missing plugin?


How do I create a report in SimplyWise?

How Do I Export my Report into Excel/Numbers?

How do I share a report?

Mileage Tracker

How to Start Mileage Tracking

How to Stop Mileage Tracking

Can I pause Mileage Tracking?

How do I create Mileage Rules?

How do I save trips?

Can I create trips manually?

Quickbooks Integration

How does the Quickbooks integration work?

Bank/Credit Card Reconciliation

What is the Reconciliation feature?

How do I add/delete accounts in Reconciliation?


What are reminders?

Can I create my own reminder?

E-Receipts and Email Connection

How do I import an email or online receipt?

How to Connect your Email to SimplyWise

How to Disconnect your Email from SimplyWise

Income in SimplyWise

Can I track my income in SimplyWise?

How do I add income?

Amazon Integration

How to Connect your Amazon account to SimplyWise


I mistakenly deleted a folder in SimplyWise – what now?

How do I recover deleted items?

How do I delete a receipt?

How do I bulk delete receipts?