Charges from Veterans Canteen Service

Written by Jemina Owen-Jones

June 18th, 2024

Veterans Canteen Service (VCS) began operations in 1946. The organization functions as part of the Department of Veterans Affairs in the United States. VCS manages retail services and provides various products to veterans, their families, and others present at VA medical centers. The range of retail products includes food and beverages, electronics, personal care items, apparel, and convenience products. Additionally, VCS offers services such as barber shops and vending machines. Their operations focus on enhancing the experience of veterans receiving medical care and support within VA facilities.

Other ways this charge from Veterans Canteen Service can appear

Veterans Canteen Service transactions on your credit card statement can appear in various ways, depending on the specific transaction and how it was processed. Here are some common descriptors you might see for Veterans Canteen Service charges:

It's important to note that the exact descriptor on your credit card statement may vary, and these are just some common examples. If you ever have a question about a specific charge, you can usually find more details in your Veterans Canteen Service account's order history or contact Veterans Canteen Service customer support for assistance. Additionally, always keep an eye on your credit card statements to ensure that all charges are legitimate.

Start Tracking Expenses And Avoid Frauds

Verify With Receipt

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Step 2

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