Is "CHECKCARD 0720 SoLo Funds 888" fraud?

Written by Caleb Martin

June 18th, 2024

About "CHECKCARD 0720 SoLo Funds 888"

Solo Funds is a company that operates within the financial technology sector. The company was founded in 2018. Solo Funds provides a platform for peer-to-peer lending, connecting individuals who are in need of short-term loans with those who are willing to fund them. The platform allows borrowers to set their loan terms, including the amount and the repayment date, while lenders can choose loans that align with their risk tolerance and investment strategy. Solo Funds does not involve traditional retail products but instead focuses on financial services through its digital marketplace.
  • CHECKCARD: Transaction type indicating a debit card purchase
  • 0720: Transaction date (July 20)
  • SoLo Funds: Merchant name
  • 888: Contact or reference number associated with the transaction
  • Find & fight fraud from anywhere

    Verify With Receipt

    The best way to tell if this charge is fraudulent is to find the receipt. You may have an electronic copy of the receipt, which you can finding by searching in your email accounts for Solo Funds.
    Or, if you want to automatically find and reconcile receipts so you never worry about fraud, you can use SimplyWise to automatically match all bank and credit card transactions to email and paper receipts. The app instantly reconciles your expenses and flags anything that doesn’t match.
    Step 1

    Connect your email

    Download the SimplyWise app and connect your email account. SimplyWise will search through your emails and find all the receipts in your inbox. This allows you to understand what exactly you are paying for when you see a bank transaction on your statement.
    Step 2

    Connect Your Bank

    Connect to your bank account/credit card transactions through the secure (256 bit encryption) Reconciliation feature within the app.
    Step 3


    Reconcile the charges reported by your financial institution against what you’ve recorded in your SimplyWise account. Find fraud quickly! SimplyWise will match your transactions to your bank/credit card spending and check those items off.
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