What are the different features of SimplyWise?

  • Digitizing, organizing and storing your receipts, bills and other documents
  • Unlimited file storage in a secure cloud (we use 256-bit encryption)
  • Export out your data anytime (receive both a copy of your document images + a spreadsheet of your data. Spreadsheet available for Business tier users only)
  • Seamlessly share files and folders of documents with family, trusted friends, or an accountant
  • Get reminders of return or expiration dates
  • Connect your Amazon account to easily transfer and record your Amazon purchases
  • Conveniently import your e-receipts by linking your email to your SimplyWise account, or, forward those emailed receipts to your personalized SimplyWise email address
  • Use our Quickbooks integration to sync your SimplyWise data with Quickbooks and get some time back in your day!