How do I edit a folder?

Your SimplyWise folders are completely customizable. You can change the folder name and icon at any time!

To do this, open your SimplyWise app to the Home screen and press and hold anywhere on the screen until you enter “Edit Mode.”

You’ll know you’re in Edit Mode when the name of your Space has a dashed border around it, and the “add folder” button appears. 

edit mode simplywise

Once you’ve entered Edit Mode, just tap on the folder you’d like to make changes to.

SimplyWise edit folder

This will bring you to a new screen where you’ll be able to change the name of the folder, as well as the folder icon.

SimplyWise edit folder name icon

Once you tap “save” you’ll be taken back to your Home screen. Be sure to press and hold the screen once more to exit Edit Mode before leaving the app!