How to create new Spaces in SimplyWise

To create a new Space, press and hold anywhere on your Home screen for ~2 seconds to enter Edit Mode. You’ll know you’re in Edit Mode when the + ADD Folder button appears, and arrow icons pop up on your existing folders. From here, swipe across the screen from right to left and you’ll see a screen that prompts you to enter the name of the Space you’d like to create, and the blue “create space button.” 

Some examples of Spaces that some users have made to help further organize their folders are: Work/Business Name, Household Spending, or for users who account share, each person utilizing the account can have their own Space; Bob, Sarah, John, etc.

Once you’ve created all the Spaces you want, you’ll then be able to swipe across the screen to view each space and either create new folders that belong in that Space there, or you can head to your Home screen and move folders from the Home view into the relevant space by tapping on that arrow icon on the folder.

Once you’ve finished creating or moving any folders into your Spaces, just tap on the checkmark icon toward the top left of your screen to exit Edit Mode.