How to bank with bad credit in retirement

bad credit in retirement

Banking is an essential part of everyday modern life. Transactions happen behind the scenes at pivotal moments in our lives:  Buying a vacation condo and need a loan? You’ll need a bank for that. Paying off your credit card (including that expensive steak dinner)? You’ll need a bank for that. Applying to live in an […]

The 2020 Guide to Virtual Credit Cards

what is a Virtual Credit Card

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed so much about the way we live, shop, and interact onto the internet. Luckily, online shopping—from groceries to paper towels to prescription medication—has never been easier. Of course, many feel wary about punching their personal financial information into some website. COVID-19 has at once boosted online shopping but also created […]

The most expensive states for retirees

where to retire

Choosing where to live in retirement can be tough. How’s the health care system? Is it close enough to friends and family for regular visits? Is the weather nice? Are there lots of social activities for older residents?  These questions barely scratch the surface of the things to consider — it can be a lengthy […]