Six Steps to Take to Get a New Social Security Number

new social security number

Most people just get their Social Security numbers, memorize them (for all the times they’ll be asked) and go about their lives. It’s kind of like a driver’s license picture—it may not be your favorite, but it serves the purpose. But there are times when people need a new Social Security number. People fleeing domestic […]

How are Social Security Numbers Formulated?

what is a SS number

Most of us don’t really know what our Social Security number means. Why is one person’s number so very different from someone who was born in the same hospital a few years later? Do they recycle Social Security numbers? What do those three sequences represent? And what is a Social Security number? According to the […]

10 Important Facts About Social Security during Coronavirus

Social Security coronavirus

The Social Security Administration was born out of the national upheaval following the Great Depression. And today, we’re going through a historic pandemic that is similarly rocking our nation and world. Social Security benefits are received by about 64 million people — retired workers, disabled people, and survivors of workers who have died. It provides roughly a third […]

Social Security Benefits for Divorced Spouses

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If you’re divorced, you may think you can’t claim Social Security benefits earned by your spouse. In fact, two of the four most common and costly Social Security mistakes made have to do with people misunderstanding rules for divorcees. However, the Social Security Administration has made provisions for people who are divorced but who were […]

What is Supplemental Security Income?

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Supplemental Security Income, or SSI as it is commonly known, provides extra financial security for people who are blind, disabled, or over age 65 who lack the resources to cover basic needs. When Social Security was put in place in 1935, that extra measure of security was expected to be provided by the states; but […]