Should I Laminate My COVID-19 Vaccine Card?

Vaccination Record Card

Never lose your COVID-19 Vaccine Card Securely store & share important documents with the SimplyWise Smart Filing Cabinet. GET THE APP Lamination can be used to protect documents from rips and spills. It can help preserve information for future generations. It enhances the look of the card, keeps it protected from the elements, and makes […]

How to bank with bad credit in retirement

bad credit in retirement

Banking is an essential part of everyday modern life. Transactions happen behind the scenes at pivotal moments in our lives:  Buying a vacation condo and need a loan? You’ll need a bank for that. Paying off your credit card (including that expensive steak dinner)? You’ll need a bank for that. Applying to live in an […]

How is Social Security calculated?

how is social security benefit calculated

Ready for retirement – and all the paperwork that comes with it?​​​​​​ Digitize receipts, bills & other documents with the Smart Filing Cabinet. GET THE APP Knowing what you’re owed can help you to plan for retirement as well as maximize your own benefits. However, figuring out that number can be confusing. The average Social Security […]

I was a victim of a Social Security scam

social security scam call

Cyber attacks have been on the rise with the looming uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. That means our personal information is now more at-risk than ever. Predatory hackers seek to take advantage of vulnerable groups, including soon-to-be retirees and seniors citizens, by exploiting confusion, uncertainty, and anxiety.  One of our users, who we will call […]

Social Security During Coronavirus: The 5 Things You Need to Know

social security during coronavirus

Coronavirus has affected almost every part of our everyday lives – but one, in particular, is critically important for millions of Americans: Social Security.  The crisis and uncertainty has already impacted the 61 million Americans collecting Social Security benefits today. For example, Social Security offices are closed and scam callers with supposed ‘news about your benefits’ are […]

How to Apply for Social Security Benefits

how to apply for Social Security benefits

Navigating Social Security can be confusing. If you’re wondering how to apply for Social Security benefits, our Application Checklist breaks down what you need to know, step by step.  Application Checklist to Apply for Social Security Benefits #1 Calculate the best age to claim Social Security retirement benefits​ #2 Pick the right date to apply […]

Study: 63% of Americans will need another stimulus check in 3 months

stimulus check is not enough The $2 trillion stimulus package signed into law on March 27 is meant to put cash directly into the pockets of the millions of Americans and businesses who have been impacted by the coronavirus. A record 3.3 million citizens recently filed unemployment claims, shattering the previous all-time high of 695,000 claims in 1982.  The […]

“How to get your stimulus check faster” — and other stimulus check scams

stimulus check scams

Last week, the government passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). The legislation sets up a $2 trillion stimulus package to help the millions of Americans that have been rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to presidential economic advisor Larry Ludlow, the money is expected to hit bank accounts in just […]

How to Stay Smart with Retirement Savings During Coronavirus

money moves during coronavirus

Navigating retirement planning and Social Security rules can be challenging in the best of times. Trying to think about your 401(k) and your benefits during coronavirus can be downright overwhelming. But you are not alone. A recent poll found that despite the ongoing pandemic, Americans are more concerned about their finances than their health right […]

Delaying Social Security Retirement Benefits

should i delay my retirement

If you’re thinking about claiming Social Security benefits early given the current economic climate, you may want to consider your other options before deciding. In fact, there are important factors to weigh as you consider your retirement and when to claim. Your monthly benefit from Social Security can considerably vary depending on what age you choose to start your benefits. […]

Study: Only 1 in 300 Seniors Know These 5 Social Security Rules

failed test

In 2019, 64 million Americans were estimated to have received Social Security benefits, and for more than half of elderly beneficiaries, Social Security represented over 50% of their income. Nonetheless, a recent SimplyWise survey found that less than one in eight Americans aged 60 to 70 considered themselves “very knowledgeable” on the topic.  Worse, only one out of […]

Why Do Annuities Have Surrender Charges?

Signing contract

Every year consumers put over 300 billion dollars of their savings into annuities. While annuities can provide specific guarantees that are unavailable elsewhere, part of what consumers don’t like about them are their surrender charges. A surrender charge is what a consumer with an annuity has to pay if they want to withdraw their money […]

Investing in Bonds: An Introduction

Bonds and cash

If you’re just starting to dip your feet into the waters of investing, you may know that bonds are one of the options available for growing your wealth. But what are bonds, exactly? In this guide, you’ll find out the answer to that question—along with which specific type of bond might be right for you, […]

When is Tax Deferred Growth Worth It?

Deferred tax

Investors over the age of 50 are constantly being pitched on the virtues of tax deferred annuities. In this post, we’ll look at some concrete numbers to figure out when tax deferral actually makes sense for many investors and savers. We’ll identify cases where it may make sense and cases where it doesn’t. Next time […]

What Caused the Stock Market Crash of 1929?

Bank sinking

By the end of the October 1929 stock market crash, investors had lost $25 billion – $364 billion in today’s terms. Why did the stock markets crash? Are the causes of the crash true today? The answer is that it’s complicated. Rather than a single catalyst, mounting pressures from multiple factors contributed to the crash. These […]

What Is A Deferred Annuity?

Deferred annuity

You’ve probably heard that annuities are a great way to provide for your future. You may also know that there are different types of annuities: every annuity is either variable or fixed, and either immediate or deferred. This brief guide will tell you everything you need to know about deferred annuities (also sometimes called deferred […]

What Is A Buffer Annuity?

Understanding annuities

Buffer annuities have been gaining attention in the investment world. At its most basic, a buffer annuity allows you to participate in the growth of a stock market index while protecting you from certain amounts of loss in your savings. There are, however, many details that are worth understanding. First, these annuities will typically cap the amount […]