Social Security Application Process

Social Security application

If you’re ready to apply for Social Security benefits, you’ve probably already given some thought to things like when you want your benefits to start or what kind of documents you might need to apply. A lot of that will will of course depend on the type of benefits you’re seeking. Applying for retirement benefits, […]

Social Security Child Benefits

Social Security children

While retired workers make up the bulk of Social Security beneficiaries, the Social Security Administration (SSA) provides important benefits to many other groups, including children. More than 4 million children in the United States receive Social Security benefits every year. In fact, the SSA pays more benefits to children than any other government program. The […]

Guide to Social Security and Death

SS cards and cash

When it comes to Social Security, retirement benefits make up the bulk of the benefits — more than 47 million Americans currently receive them. But the Social Security Administration also provides critical benefits to the family members of deceased workers. Six million family members receive survivors benefits, which function almost like a life insurance policy. […]